House Search In Canada

June 2, 2020 Valerie Jegede

House Hunting In Canada

My first encounter with house hunting in Canada was in Toronto, Canada. House hunting here typically starts online, looking at apartments/houses in the city of your choice. Then you pick an apartment you like, and you send a message to the landlord requesting a viewing. On the scheduled day, you go to view the house and then if you like it you make it known to the Landlord after the viewing. Typically, there are other people looking at that particular apartment as well so its honestly survival of the fittest and favor or luck The landlord requests certain documents from you:

  1. Bank statements of you or your parents (proof to see you can handle the rent)
  2. Employment letter or last 3 months rent
  3. Government issued ID In regard to pricing, Toronto apartments/houses typically have the highest rent because it’s a big city and the cost of living is expensive. I lived in a 1 bedroom + den in the heart of downtown Toronto and the total rent was $2150. I however shared the place with a friend, and we split the rent in half. So monthly, I paid $1075. The price usually depends on the area of the city, the closer to downtown the more expensive. Other cities are typically cheaper in terms of rent and cost of living. Landlords are usually nice and friendly and attend to your concerns but then again it highly depends on the person as an individual. The landlords would typically pay for water and the tenant would pay for hydro (in Canada that means electricity) and wifi (you sort that out on your own but its fairly easy to get. In apartments, they come with a furnished kitchen area including:
  4. Refrigerator
  5. Freezer
  6. Stove top (electric)
  7. Cabinets
  8. Microwave
  9. Sink area Other features of the apartment are:
  10. Thermostat (both warm temperatures for the winter and AC for the summer)- this is provided by the Condo.
  11. A balcony
  12. Lights but you may still need to get lamps for sufficient lighting
  13. Garbage/recycling disposal place on each floor
  14. Elevators on each floor (usually 3)
  15. Stairs on each floor House hunting here can be rigorous and time consuming because you would need to view different places and have the landlord pick you. At the end of the day, its up to the landlord. But more often than not, if someone is looking for a house, they would get it.