Urban Prime Three Annex


Abraham Adesanya, off ogombo road, right across Urban Prime Three

Title: C of O
Acreage Availabe:


Estate Features

Access Road
Gate House
Perimeter Fence
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Urban Prime Three Annex is an arcade of magnificent surroundings and exceptional estate living, a stunning home destination for every resident who seeks uppermost tranquillity and clean aesthetics. It is the ultimate spot for rest and restoration. An extension of Urban Prime Three, a remarkable continuity of excellence.


Abraham Adesanya Roundabout

Atican Beach

Inoyo Havens

Ogombo Road

Urban Prime Three Annex Prices

  • 500sqm - ₦35,000,000

Off the heels of the successful Urban Primes; One two and Three with the 4 bedroom semi-detached now going for ₦70,000,000 - Abraham Adesanya Ogombo axis is a fast developing and growing area, opening up to commercial possibilities.

A landed property investment will pay for itself over and over in a very short time.

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