10 Best Investment Companies in Nigeria
Uche Emordi
Uche Emordi
March 21, 2022
4 min

Unlike in some other climes - in Nigeria, you have to wait till the end of the month to get your paycheque. But what if there was an emergency and you needed money to fix issues within the month. What if you have blown through your saving in the bank? What if you are not willing to beg friends or use any of the bank loan apps in Nigeria?

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a source of income that pays weekly in Nigeria? Well, these are the few investment platforms that pay weekly here in Nigeria:

  1. )Piggyvest: piggyvest.JPG PiggyVest is the first online “Savings & Investment” app in West Africa. first launched as “Piggybank.ng” on the 7th of January 2016 as a savings-only platform.

For 3 years, they offered only savings to users. Then in April of 2019, they rebranded to “PiggyVest” and began offering direct investment opportunities to users in addition to savings.

5 years on, they have continued to deliver excellent service to their over 3,500,000 users and counting, helping them manage their finances with simplicity and transparency. Combined, their users save & invest billions of Naira every month that they would have instead spent.

PiggyVest announced on January 1st, 2022, via its newsletter that it successfully paid out over N242 billion ($585 million) in 2021 to customers. The payout for 2021 doubles in comparison to 2020.

“With over 3.5 million customers and over N242 billion naira successfully paid out in 2021 alone, we are once again saying thank you for trusting us”. Piggyvest said.

PiggyVest is on a mission ‘to give everyone the power to better manage & grow their finances’, and they intend to be the best at this. Secured by SEC, they have different savings and investment vehicles; It is pretty easy to join and the platform is very intuitive. Join millions of Nigerians taking charge of their finances. Click here to sign up .

PiggyVest promises an ROI (return on investment) of between 10% to 25%. What’s more, you get N1,000 to start your investment and savings journey so you are already getting paid to invest. What are you waiting for? sign up here

2.) Real Estate Investment: IMG-20210125-WA0005.jpg Real Estate investment might seem like a long-term investment and truly so ,but you can make money in shorter time periods by land banking with Tribitat in an initiative called Landvest.

Landvest is a reliable investment initiative by Tribitat Real Estate committed to creating sustainable wealth through real estate investment. Typically Real Estate investing has always been perceived as only for the rich but Landvest with an initial investment as low as N1,000,000 and returns as high as 72% anyone can become a real estate investor and profit immensely.

Tribitat Real Estate is a registered real estate company with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (RC 1598806) With over 4 years of experience in real estate sales and development. The mission of Tribitat is to bridge the gap between the landlord and tenant status. Our vision is to make real estate accessible, easy, and a constant source of accumulative wealth for all income levels.

Landvest investment vehicle is backed by the portfolio of Tribitat’s land and land developments scattered all over Lagos and Abuja. You can go directly to their site landvest.ng or click here to speak to their agent and request a brochure

3.)Ride hailing IMG-20210511-WA0017.jpg This is me with my friend above; he started driving with Bolt a few years ago. Every now and then he takes me on trips, drops me off at the airport and around town. When he started, Bolt was taking only 15% off the rides and on a good day, he told me that he would make N30,000 after removing fuel expenses and Bolt’s commission. That comes to N150,000 in 5 working days! Also account for raining days, nights, weekends, public holidays, and festive seasons when the demand drives a surge in the prices. This is a good investment that pays really well weekly and you can do it on the side, or pay a driver to do it for you.

4.) Trove: trove-app.JPG

Trove is a platform that simplifies investing. You can become a global investor with the tap of a button. Invest in American, Chinese, and Nigerian stocks, Bonds, ETFs, and more with as little as ₦1,000 As an incentive if you join Trove today, you will get 5 shares of either Dangote Sugar or GT Bank FOR FREE! Sign up here to get started. You have free stocks waiting! start trading high-value stocks and earn handsomely weekly or even daily! Sign up here to get started. Trove is approved by the SEC and even if you are a newbie, they have a lot of data and research available for various kinds of investors and an intuitive platform with graphs and charts that give you a full bird’s eye view of how stocks are doing currently and historically. Get real life shares in Dangote or GT bank if you sign up today! Sign up here to get started.

5.) Bamboo: bamboo.JPG

Bamboo gives unrestricted access to over 3,000 stocks listed on the U.S. stock exchange, right from your mobile phone or computer.

6.) Binance: binance.JPG Binance Exchange is the largest crypto exchange by trade volume and one of the fastest in the world. The official wallet of Binance, Trust Wallet is a secure, decentralized wallet where users can send, receive and store their digital assets. Binance also has an academy. Binance Academy is an open-access learning hub, providing a one-stop shop for blockchain and crypto learning resources.

7.) Risevest: risevest.JPG

The product and company known as Rise today began with an idea that sparked in 2014. They realized that due to currency shocks, high inflation rates, and the impact of devaluation, most investment opportunities across emerging markets do not yield enough returns for investors to grow their wealth. This makes it difficult for people in these markets to achieve their financial goals.

To solve this problem, Rise is a simple way of connecting users to dollar-denominated investments in developed markets, managed by a world-class team using smart algorithms to guide decisions, while helping their users become more financially literate.

8.) Cowrywise cowry-wise.JPG

Digitizing investment management for Africans and enabling access to savings and investment products securely. They are building savings and investment culture among the growing population of underserved African middle class and millennials. Licensed by the SEC and with 300,000 users you are in great and secure company. Just like Piggyvest, they are also fast rising with a myriad of saving and investment vehicles easy to understand on the platform. You can join for free and get N1,000 to start! Sign up here.

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