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Uche Emordi
Uche Emordi
August 23, 2020
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If you have spent some time on the internet as a Nigerian in Nigeria or as a diasporan; you would have come across countless sponsored posts and picture adverts of real estate in Lagos.

The go-to location is Lekki Phase 1, premium, prim and proper estates, superior furnishing, nice celebrity neighborhoods. You are spoilt for choice. But the information overload of having many options may have held you back from investing for so long; do you invest in Lekki? or fast growing Land for sale in Ibeju Lekki

I sent an email to an executive on a Monday morning and he could not treat till Saturday - almost a week later. Information overload he said apologetically as he finally got to replying to me.

But the information overload of having many options may have held you back from investing in real estate; do you buy property in high brow urban Lekki? or more rustic fast-growing, industrialized Ibeju Lekki?

The issue with Lekki is that the hype and popularity have led many investors to develop properties that do not economically make sense to the market and Lekki is littered with properties that are vacant and have remained so for years!

The little issue with Ibeju Lekki is that it is largely rural; development is organic and gradual and mostly futuristic; say some 3-5 years.

So I did some research on the progression of Real estate development and property demand in Lagos and I found the sweet spot: a balance between LekkiPhase 1 and Ibeju Lekki; Ajah, Sangotedo and environs.

Introducing, the fastest-developing/selling estate in Lagos: Urban Prime Homes, Lekki’s best-kept secret which comprises Urban Prime 1, 2, 3, & 4.

This Is The Sign You Have Been Looking For


Calling Urban Prime Homes a secret, is almost an irony because three different phases of this project has sold out everytime in months! Secrets don’t move around that fast!

This is why this a fast selling estate like this should interest you as an investor:

  1. Development is rapid - This estate has witnessed rapid development from the basic amenities like roads, drainages, gate house, to the actual housing units. All in months. The neighborhood is simultaneously also experiencing quite marked spate of development.

  2. Development always leads to appreciation of real estate and you are sure this can literally happen in months.

  3. There is enough social proof of people that have invested in the estate,and the developmental progress of work going on is properly documented.

  4. Lagosians are badly looking for homes and these plots are being sold as home units. This type of demand is goodnews whether as an investor that wants the property for rental income or if you plan to live there.

So let us actually look at Urban Prime Home series - the development and sales’ timeline.

Urban Prime One


Urban Prime One is an arcade of magnificient housing in Abraham Adesanya. It is tranquill with clean aesthetics. It is the ultimate spot for rest and restoration. Let’s examine the timeline of this property from release:

  1. Release day: 28th-29th September 2019


  1. 50 Plots in the market: urban-prime-one-land-top-view

  2. Development begins: urban-prime-one-gate-house-unpainted-backview urban-prime-1-estate-6

  3. Land Sales Close (Completely sold out) Development of Housing Units Continue: 13th February 2020 urban-prime-one-estate-gate urban-prime-one-estate-11 hall-way

Urban Prime Two


Urban Prime two, launched a day after the land sales on the first phase sold out. Still around the Abraham Adesanya axis, it is a perfect simulacrum of the first Urban Prime phase.

  1. Release day: 14th February 2020 units-of-apartments-for-sale-sangotedo

  2. Over 100 Plots in the market. urban-prime-two-available plots

  3. Development of housing units houses-apartment-units-for-sale-ajah two-bedroom-terrace

  4. All units land and housing units sold out: August 13th 2020 urban-prime-two urban-prime-two-ajah-sangotedo

Urban Prime Three


Urban Prime Three follows closely at the tail of Prime two:

1.) Over 150 plots released to the market: 20th February 2020. land-for-sale-ajah-lagos

2.) Development begins land-for-sale-lagos-ajah


3.) All commercial plots and housing units completely sold out!: 23rd August 2020 urban-prime-three living-room-2-bed

Urban Prime Four


Urban Prime four is the latest extension of the Urban Prime Series. Still at the introductory phase of release and development, it transposes all of the features, ambience and architecture of Urban Prime 1, 2 & 3.

  1. Release day: 21st August 2020 urban-prime-four-urbaner

  2. In just one day 10 units with intrductory price were sold which led to an upward review of the prices: 21st -22nd August 2020 urban-prime four-view

  3. Next phase: sale of land and housing units.

Why You Should Become an Urbaner

become-anurbaner-prime-4 This is why you should become an urbaner ( People who own property in Urban Prime estate )

Title on the Land

First of all, the most important reason why you should become an Urbaner is because it has a verified title document on the Land; a Governor’s consent. The Governor’s Consent is the approval that must be given by a governor of a state or his delegate in any transaction that has to do with the transfer of ownership or other interests over land or landed property in order to make the transaction valid at law. This is a very good title.



The estate is flanked by a vibrant neighborhood which is a mix of other estates, schools, resorts, parks and malls!

  • Lekki Scheme 2
  • Inoyo Havens Estate
  • Abraham Adesanya Estate
  • Chaplain Court
  • Lagos Business School
  • Caleb British International School
  • Atican Beach
  • Barracuda Beach
  • Lekki Miami Beach Resort
  • MX Film and Multimedia Academy
  • Novare Mall
  • Lufasi Nature Park

Estate’s Facilities



  • Functional and spacious rooms.
  • Smart home enabled.
  • Central sound system.
  • Tall windows.
  • High quality door, cabinets and closets.
  • Neatly finished floors,walls and ceilings.
  • High quality fittings and accessories.
  • Bespoke interior design (optional).
  • Functional road network and drainage.
  • Solar powered streetlight.
  • Lounge Recreational Area.
  • Gym.
  • Central Overhead Water Reservoir with modular water treatment plant.
  • CCTV Systems.
  • Stable Power Supply.

This estate is selling very fast. The price is also rising. For pricing and property brochure, and more extensive information, check out our site for the Urban Prime Four Listing. For further enquiries on documentaion, survey, service charges or to book an inspection for this property, call, 08101536132. Or send us a message on Whatsapp here.


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