Isimi Lagos The Greenlife Colony By Landwey





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Isimi Lagos - The Greenlife Colony is the third cluster in wellness and relaxation centre the first of its kind in Epe by Landwey.

150sqm and 300sqm plots are available in this cluster with the price going for N29,000 per square metre.

Isimi is a Yoruba word that means rest or peace of mind. This name was carefully chosen because it captures the experience that Isimi Lagos represents.

Isimi Lagos is your best destination for work and play. It is the perfect meeting point between technology, architecture, and nature; but nature is dominant. This city is self sustaining with infrastructure built around existing natural resorces. Also food, will be 100% sourced from local farm produce in the city.

Transportation in the city is also eco-friendly and great for an active lifestyle with outdoor gyms, hiking trails, bike paths.

Every square meter in the estate epitomizes wellness and luxurious family living.

Inspired by nature, powered by technology and crafted for peace of mind!

Isimi Lagos offers work and living spaces that are ideal for short and long term use.

With a well maintained and world-class turf for polo enthusiasts and equestrians.

Because it is borthered by the lagoon - awesome activites await you like fishing, kayaking and dipping.


    Fully Fenced

    Fully Serviced

    Golf Course

    Bicycle Racks

    Renewable Energy



    Recreational Centre

    Farm Shop

    Tech Valley

    Outdoor Gym

    Horse Stable

    Hiking Paths


    Meeting Rooms

    Lakeside View


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