500sqm Land in Makarios Luxury Estate





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Land is the basis of all wealth. The heritage of the wise, the thrifty, and the prudent. Land remains the proud man’s joy and comfort. The silent partner of many thousands of successful men and women. Land brings solace to widows, it comforts the elderly, and it serves as a cornerstone of security against misfortune and want. Credit respects the land. Banks respect land. It may sit dormant but grow in value. Never failing and never ceasing. Time is the land’s ally. Population increases its value. Without land, there is no future. Without land, there is no food. It does not decay, die, decrease, or disappear. It is the inheritance you leave for your children, and it never suffers from obsolescence. Makarios Land will do all this and more for you. Buy today and see the value skyrocket. Buy now to avoid being one of the people who missed out.

The Makarios Residences are designed with exceptional taste and offer the highest class of sophisticated living and exclusivity with a choice of spacious luxury apartments, lavish detached homes, and elegant terrace buildings.

Some features of this development include professional facility management, 24-hour utilities management, water treatment, sewage treatment, a fire and smoke detection system, and much more.

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Payment Plan

  • Outright payment
  • 6 months plan
  • 12 months plan


    professional facility management

    24-hour utilities management

    water treatment

    sewage treatment

    fire and smoke detection system

    6 months plan

    12 months plan

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