9152sqm Land For School in Makarios Luxury Estate


300,000 per sqm

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The Makarios project is truly a complete community, offering residents access to top-notch educational facilities. The school within the development will be of international standard and provide a comprehensive education for young students. With a focus on developing critical thinking skills and fostering creativity, the school will be committed to preparing students for success both in the classroom and in life. The school’s modern facilities will provide a safe and nurturing environment for learning, making it an ideal choice for families who want their children to receive a world-class education. This feature of the Makarios Luxury Place is a great addition, ensuring that families have access to quality education right in their own community.

The Makarios Residences are designed with exceptional taste and offer the highest class of sophisticated living and exclusivity with a choice of spacious luxury apartments, lavish detached homes, and elegant terrace buildings.

Some features of this development include professional facility management, 24-hour utilities management, water treatment, sewage treatment, a fire and smoke detection system, and much more.


    professional facility management

    24-hour utilities management

    water treatment

    sewage treatment

    fire and smoke detection system

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