25 Business Ideas for Women in 2023
25 Business Ideas for Women in 2023
Uche Emordi
Uche Emordi
February 16, 2023
4 min

25 Business Ideas for Women

Starting a business can be a challenging task, but it can be even more difficult for women in Nigeria due to the cultural and societal barriers they may face. However, many Nigerian women are pushing the envelope and stereotypes regarding entrepreneurial success.

In this article, we will discuss 25 business ideas for women in Nigeria taking a leaf from already established women owned businesses.

1.) Fashion Design

Nigeria is known for its vibrant and colorful fashion. Women who are skilled in fashion design can start their own clothing line or boutique. Adenine Ogunlesi is a millionaire CEO of ruff and tumble fashion brand. published


2.) Catering

Women who are good cooks can start their own catering business and provide services for events such as weddings and parties. There are a ton of instagram vendors doing very well in this niche, and other passive income revenue streams can come through brand partnerships, cook/recipe books, Adsense from YouTube or starting a blog and webinars and courses.

3.) Hair and Beauty Services

Many women in Nigeria are skilled in hair and beauty services such as braiding, weaving, and makeup. Starting a hair and beauty salon can be a great business idea. Wig vendors are able to handsomely markup products and it can be a profitable business. Nwanneka is a popular IG wig vendor.

4.) Bakery

Women who are skilled bakers can start their own bakery and sell cakes, pastries, and other baked goods. This is another niche market under foods and catering with revenue streams any where from pre-made pastries and also recipe books.

5.) Event Planning

For women who have a passion for planning and organizing; they can start their own event planning business and help plan events such as weddings, parties, and corporate events. Deola Art Alade is the CEO and MD of Livespot event centre in Ikate. Her businesses offered event planning services from the hall to the entire planning of the event. Notable events like Design Week Lagos have been held here. unnamed

6.) Home Cleaning

With fast pace of daily activities and large and intimidating spaces; more and more people are interested in outsourcing cleaning services. Women who are skilled in cleaning can start their own home cleaning business and provide services such as housekeeping, laundry, and ironing. But you do not have to be ‘passionate’ about cleaning to start a business in home cleaning. Fichaya; a Couch Cleaning, Home Cleaning, and Corporate Cleaning Company which appeared on the Ultima Dragon’s den show is a popular cleaning company in Lagos and is woman owned.


7.) Daycare

There definitely is a market gap in providing care for toddlers before school age. Women who have a passion for working with children can start their own daycare and provide care for children while their parents are at work.

8.) Handmade Crafts:

Skilled in crafting? you can start their own business making and selling handmade crafts such as jewelry, bags, and home decor.

9.)Crotchet Fashion


Crotchet fashion is making an amazing comeback! a sort after niche business in the fashion market with amazing women vendors on Instagram and Twitter selling out their collections and making bank. published


10.) Tutoring

Knowledgeable in a particular subject? you can start their own tutoring business and provide private lessons to students. Also having an online/offline community is another way to monetise your knowledge and give value to your subscribers.

Oluwatosin Olaseinde uses her business Money Africa to provide financial literacy offering courses, paid community and paid consulting. published maxresdefault-2

11.) Travel

If you have a knack for travelling you can make a business out of building a following on social media and providing information travel, money, safety tips for intending travellers or just letting people vicariously experience new places with you.

Moe Odele co-founder of scale my hustle took a year off as a nomad travelling the world.

Hotels, travels brands will be interested in working with you as an ambassador or affiliate. FmITJjMXgAEFcIq

12.) Immigration Consultancy

People are always willing to relocate to a new location for various reasons ranging from financial, study, work or vacation. If you are knowledgeable about visas, travel requirements, laws, transportation and lodging around popular location people would be willing to pay a premium for consultancy.

Dr Linda Iheme is the CEO of Vantage Consulting which offers educational consultancy services.

13.) Personal Shopping and Styling

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-12 at 23.09.41

Women with an eye for fashion and style can start their own personal shopping and styling business, helping clients build their wardrobes and dress for special occasions. A personal shopper will have supplier links and be able to source items from the most luxury of brands for even items that may not be available online. It is a luxury many can afford.

14.) Photography

If you are interested in photography, you can start their own photography business and provide services such as portrait and event photography. Weddings, birthdays, corporate events, religious events, documentaries are just a few use cases.

15.) Interior Decorating


Women with an interest in interior design can start their own interior decorating business and help clients decorate their homes and offices. Ehi Ogbebor is a popular socialite and the founder of sayeveth interior and hotel - one of the biggest interior design companies here in Nigeria.

The apogee of her craftsmanship was buying a million dollar home as a birthday gift to herself.

She completely did the interior work herself to show people what she’s capable of. Her house as a mini showroom a proof of work for her abilities.

16.) Blogging

Blogging is an easy business to start with an electronic device and data - it has low costs overheads. Linda Ikeji is the most successful Nigerian blogger and her claim to fame and wealth is directly from her entertainment blog.


17.) Ecommerce

Women who are skilled in online marketing and e-commerce can start their own online store and sell a wide range of products.

18.) Youtube

Youtube is a platform where you can quickly build an audience with consistency, knowledge and a fresh perspective. At a 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time you can apply to join the Youtube partner program and start earning.

Peace Itimi is a popular tech journalist on YouTube. Peace Itimi

18.) Beauty Services

Beauty based businesses are the rave: braiding, weaving, and makeup. Weddings, parties and social gatherings need to have ladies looking their best and looking good is good business!

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