How To Conduct Land Survey Search Yourself
Uche Emordi
Uche Emordi
July 29, 2020
1 min

A survey plan is a document that proves identity of a parcel of land stating the;

  • location
  • size
  • shape
  • owner
  • title
  • any other physical feature

Conducting a land survey is a key part of due dilligence you perform before investing in a property. A survey plan is one of the documents you will be required to have when you are trying to ratify or regularixe your title in the state land registery. The official process of filing a survey plan is done by a registered surveyor and they are usually two documents filed in the process:

  1. Red Copy
  2. Blue Copy

A registered survey can only be filed by a registered surveyor but this is how you can do it yourself to confirm the veracity of the ownership of any property.

  1. Visit the Property: You must ensure that you get to the property physically. This will enable you to perform your DIY (Do It Yourself) survey.

  2. Get the co-ordinates of the Property: Every place on earth has a unique set of co-ordinates. It is measured in latitude and longitude. You can use are GPS device or even your mobile device to get these co-ordinates. Check your Play store or Apple Store for apps that can get co-ordinates with real time data from your location.

  3. Use the co-ordinates of the place and file a land search at the land registry at Alausa to confirm the status and ownership of the land.

This should by no means replace a proper survey search by a registered surveyor but you should do your own due dilligence on any property you are about to purchase and even confirm to start with that the survey in your deed has the correct co-ordinates.


Uche Emordi

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