Lakowe Lakes Estate: Everything You Need to Know About West Africa’s Best-Kept Secret
Lakowe Lakes Estate: Everything You Need to Know About West Africa’s Best-Kept Secret
Uche Emordi
Uche Emordi
November 18, 2023
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Lakowe Lakes Estate: Everything You Need to Know About West Africa’s Best-Kept Secret


Lakowe Lakes Golf & Country Estate, ‘West Africa’s best kept secret’, is an exquisite, upscale community situated in a tranquil neighborhood approximately 35km away from the lively city of Lagos.

The allure of Lakowe Lakes Golf & Country Estate lies in its meticulously groomed emerald lawns, soft sandy bunkers, lush palm groves, and shimmering lakes, all of which adorn one of the most immaculate 18-hole golf courses in West Africa.


Established in 2012, this community was meticulously crafted by a team of esteemed experts and strategically positioned in Ibeju-Lekki along the Lekki corridor, with the Atlantic Ocean serving as its southern border.

The Different Sections of Lakowe Golf and Country Estate

Lakowe Lakes Golf Course

Lakowe Golf course

The Lakowe Lakes Golf Course is an extensive golf course located on a 98-hectare piece of land. It was designed by Robert O’Friel and has 18 holes. There is also a smaller 9-hole course with lights.

The course is about 6,700 meters long from the championship tees and 5,395 meters long from the front tees. It has a traditional layout that goes back and forth, offering different shot opportunities.

This golf club is one of the biggest in Nigeria and has some of the best golfers in the country. It also has a golf academy with experienced instructors, a driving range, and a clubhouse exclusively for club members.

The membership options for the Lakowe Golf Course are as follows;

Family Membership: This membership is for the principal member, their spouse, and dependents up to 23 years of age who are studying at a recognized institution. An annual subscription includes at least 2 golfers.

Corporate A (Named cards): This membership requires a minimum of 2 named players. There are no restrictions on playing. Corporate members can invite the same guest up to 10 times a year. The membership can be transferred once a year with a transfer fee of 100,000.

Corporate B (Floating cards): This membership allows a maximum of 4 players, including guests, from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm. From 12:00 pm until the end of the day, 4 players are allowed. The company provides the names of executives covered by the floating cards. Corporate guests are also covered.

Country Membership: This membership includes 20 rounds on weekends and public holidays with no restrictions on weekdays.

Society Affiliate Membership: This membership allows a monthly group booking of 24 players and a maximum of 4 players per day.

Range & Mashie Course Membership: This membership provides unlimited use of the range facilities and a 10% discount on lessons.

Members Guests: A guest can play a maximum of 3 times per year.

Fees: Fees are paid annually from January 1st to December 31st.

The Village

Now, let’s talk about The Village. It’s the fancy part of the Estate where only 18 lucky homeowners get to live. These homes are super special and come in two unique styles. They’re designed to cater to a select few and have all the cool stuff you could imagine.

Imagine wide doorways, ramps for easy access, handrails for safety, and even special lighting and security features. Each homeowner will also have their own amazing amenities, like a personal gym, a mini clubhouse, a swimming pool, lovely gardens, bike trails, and walkways.

It’s like having your own little paradise! And guess what? There won’t be any more homes built in The Village after these 18, so it’ll stay exclusive and cozy.

If you want to buy property in The village Lakowe Lakes or for more enquiries Click to Call us, or Send a Whatsapp message, or Email us

The Enclave

This is another fancy neighborhood within the Estate, but this time it’s all about different natural landforms in Nigeria. It’s like living in a special theme park!

The Enclave has a whopping 206 homes, and they’ve got all the essential things like roads, water, and sewage treatment plants. It’s designed to give you a unique experience of Lakowe Lakes.

There are different styles of homes to choose from, whether you want a grand mansion fit for a boss or a cozy love nest for couples. They even have larger units for big families. It’s all about finding the perfect fit for your dream lifestyle.

If you want to buy property in Lakowe Lakes or for more enquiries Click to Call us, or Send a Whatsapp message, or Email us

Lodge and Spa Resort

The Lodge and Spa Resort at Lakowe Lakes will be the first of many amazing hospitality offerings in the Golf and Country Estate. It’s going to be a place where you can relax, unwind, and pamper yourself.

There is a fancy corporate lodge facility and a nature-inspired Spa Resort that’s all about promoting wellness and recreation. It’s going to be a slice of paradise!

Lakowe Lakes Golf and Country Estate isn’t just about luxurious living and playing golf. It’s a place where you can truly be yourself and live in harmony with nature. It’s like a special spot for people who know how to make their personality shine.


Cottages With the many options for stay and board in Lakowe Golf Estate, it is no wonder that people opt to book their vacations ahead of time. Below is the list of rates for the different suites, halls and rooms if you intend to book a reservation:


Price: One-bedroom cottage - ₦165,000 per night (+taxes and fees) Studio cottage - ₦145,000 per night (+taxes and fees) Two-bedroom cottage - ₦ 250,000 per night (+taxes and fees)


Price: One-bedroom apartment- ₦110,000 per night (+taxes and fees) Two-bedroom cottage - ₦150,000 per night (+taxes and fees) Three-bedroom cottage - ₦ 190,000 per night (+taxes and fees) Four-bedroom cottage - ₦ 240,000 per night (+taxes and fees)

Corporate Lodge

Corporate Lodge 1 The Corporate Lodge is great for meetings, conferences, and events. It has a beautiful view of the 18-hole golf course. It’s not just for company retreats, but also for celebrations. It provides a special atmosphere away from the busy City Centre. Corporate lodge

At The Corporate Lodge, you’ll find everything you need for your meetings and events. They have a fully equipped boardroom, smaller breakout meeting rooms, and a conference hall that can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 180 people. Capacity overview of Corporate Lodge The different halls in the Corporate Lodge and their capacities

Eagle Room Lakowe Eagle Room

Kingfisher ballroom Lakowe Kingfisher ballroom in the Corporate Lodge

Falcon Strategy room Lakowe Falcon Strategy Room in the Corportae Lodge

Hawk meeting room Lakowe Hawk Meeting Room in the Corporate Lodge

Whether you’re indulging in a peaceful fishing trip or leisurely paddle boating across one of our 13 lakes, experiencing the thrill of our renowned Par 3 Hole 12 on the championship golf course, rejuvenating your mind with a refreshing run or swim, or breaking a sweat on our tennis court or in our gym, Lakowe Lakes grants you the liberty to embrace the lifestyle you’ve always desired.

If you want to buy property in Lakowe Lakes or for more enquiries Click to Call us, or Send a Whatsapp message, or Email us

Nearby Attractions to the Lakowe Lakes state

Some nearby attractions that you can visit and enjoy when visiting or living in Lakowe Lakes estate are:

  1. Lekki Conservation Centre
  2. Lufasi Nature Park
  3. Eleko Beach
  4. Epe Mangroves

Activities At Lakowe Lakes Estate

Bonfire in Lakowe Lakes

  • Pedal Boats
  • Sports Centre (Gym, Tennis, Swimming pool)
  • Driving Range
  • Fishing
  • Bonfire
  • Restaurant
  • Movie under stars
  • Bird watching

Real Estate in Lakowe Lakes

If you are interested in the luxury and exclusivity of the Lakowe Estate, then you should consider real estate investments in the area. The estate promises impressive appreciation in the near future for landowners and the right infrastructure for your dream home.

These are some of the benefits of living in or owning property in Lakowe Estate:

  • Fairway and lake views
  • Excellent staycation property
  • Opportunity to enlist your home on the Lakowe hospitality rental pool with attractive yields
  • Olympic standard tennis court
  • Wellness Centers, and Recreational Facilities
  • Expansive Lake and Golf Course Views
  • Access to Watersports
  • Nature Reserves
  • On-site Dining and Other Entertainment Options
  • Private jetties (Lakeview units only)

If you want to buy property in Lakowe Lakes or for more enquiries Click to Call us, or Send a Whatsapp message, or Email us

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