Nouveau - 6 Bedroom Villa Gana Street by Cosgrove

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Welcome to a contemporary, modern, technologically advanced community of 6-bedroom villas that immediately feels just like home.

Situated next to the M.D. Yusuf Quarters (the Nigeria Police DIG Quarters), this is a fully automated community that reacts to your every move and your every need, right from the gates to your driveway, anticipating.

This House is intelligent; keeping you and your loved ones safe and comfortable.

This is technology with a soul. At the Nouveau by Cosgrove, our world-class smart home and community systems are always-on, always attentive, keeping you and your loved ones comfortable, safe and sound.

These include:

  • Intelligent Surveillance Systems.
  • Biometric Access Control.
  • Flood, Smoke and Gas Detection System.
  • Smart HVAC System.

For greatest flexibility, Cosgrove smart-enabled homes are delivered with only the essential core smart- infrastructure elements installed. Prospective owners are required to add smart devices and solutions of choice at their own convenience and expense

This upmarket development seats 4 units of the Olive, a 6-bedroom contemporary residence.

This luxury home features two living areas, a palatial kitchen, a multipurpose area configurable for a home cinema/ gym/ study on the pent floor, an office/ lounge area on the ground floor and an elevator for convenient access to all floors.

12 months plan Offer Price: 1,050,000,000 (one billion fifty million naira)

Initial deposit: 500,000,000.00 After 6 months from initial deposit: 300,000,000.00 After 6 months from additional payment 250,000,000.00


    Central Security Control

    Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH)

    Smart Street Lights

    Swimming Pool & Gym

    Uninterrupted (Treated) Water Supply

    Playground & Greenery

    Uninterrupted Power Supply

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