Landwey's Bold Project in Eko Atlantic City - Victoria Island - Update The Audacity Skyline
Landwey's Bold Project in Eko Atlantic City - Victoria Island - Update The Audacity Skyline
Uche Emordi
Uche Emordi
August 10, 2022
1 min

The Audacity Skyline is an ambitious 28-floor, coastal shoreline and mixed-use high-rise building at the Eko Atlantic City meant for residential purposes.

The signing for the five-year project at the Eko Atlantic City symbolises the beginning of what promises to be a high-yielding relationship between both organisation; South Energyx limited and Landwey

Eko Atlantic, a new city emerging from the ashes of what was Lagos Bar Beach, sits adjacent to Victoria Island. It is being developed by South Energyx Limited, a member of the Chargoury Group.

Olawale Ayilara, the Group Managing Director of Landwey, expressed profound gratification for Landwey becoming a part of the Eko Atlantic City after acquiring a piece of the ambitious City.

He stated that The Audacity Skyline would be one of Landwey’s greatest feats yet. “We are immensely glad to take this step along with Eko Atlantic City towards the infrastructural development of Lagos, and even now I am confident that this will only be one step out of many to come.

We love what the Eko Atlantic City represents and that is why there is no better place to put the mega-project than here,” Ayilara said.

He stated that the real estate sector in Lagos had experienced an unprecedented shift over the last couple of years, and with projects like The Audacity Skyline in the nearest future, the transformation had only just begun.

Other projects by Landwey: https://ownahome.ng/real-estate-companies/landwey-investment-limited

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