Osapa London - All You Need To Know
Uche Emordi
Uche Emordi
October 08, 2022
2 min

Osapa London - a popular monicker for Osapa, a highly sought after location in Lekki scheme 2 is located along the Lekki-Epe expressway just after Ikate - Femi Okunu IV estate.

It is in close proximity to Lekki Phase 1 and Victoria Island and about also Chevron. Osapa has a central entrance just before the Jakande bustop - opposite the Jakande market.

It starts off at the Honorable Dada Dosunmu way and leads off to the popular castle rock avenue. This road can sometimes be overburdened by both traffic and flooding during raining season. You can also access Osapa through Agungi though.

Once you turn into Honorable Dada Dosunmu way; the entrance to Osapa - the first structure you notice is Circle mall on the right and Eterna filling station on the left. Down the road you will also come accross Matis Brass mall, Woodgreen Lagos and AA Rescue.

Estates in Osapa London

There are a number of popular residential estates here like; the Address homes, Pine court apartment, and the eponymously called; Osapa London Estate- also known as Canal west Estate. Down the road are popular estates like Friends colony estate, Pinnock beach estate and Milverton Estate - all in this axis.

There is no central management authority at the entrance into Osapa but most individual estates have restricted entry. A resident would have to call the gate to confirm your credentials before you can be let in.

There are drainage channels on both sides of most roads in Osapa while some streets don’t have drainage, which makes Osapa flooded during the rainy season; this is caused by clogged gutters and those roads without drainage channels.

Property in Osapa appreciates rapidly mainly because of its distance to V.I., Lekki phase 1 and Chevron. Also Osapa is by the Lagos lagoon so this contributes to the premuim most people pay for waterfront homes.

Another reason property appreciates quickly is because; developers of estates in the area do a lot of work on proper infrastructure and maintenance.


The main route from Osapa to V.I is the Lekki-Epe expressway. The dedicated lane where you can turn to Osapa London from the other side of Jakande market can sometimes experience terrible traffic for minutes and hours.

Also Lekki-epe expressway can experience traffic as well mostly in the mornings, odd hours in the afternoon and sometimes the early hours of the evening/night

The traffic hotspots used to be at Jakande and Ikate roundabouts but they have been replaced with dedicated turning lanes thereby reducing traffic.

So if you want to buy a house or land in Osapa London contact us; Click to Call us, or Send a Whatsapp message, or Email us to get started today.

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