Victoria Island of Lagos - The Residential, Commercial and Recreational Axis
Victoria Island of Lagos - The Residential, Commercial and Recreational Axis
Uche Emordi
Uche Emordi
October 30, 2022
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History of Victoria Island


Victoria Island - Lagos’s biggest business district is now becoming its live, workplace center named after the then; Queen Victoria of the United kingdom.

Victoria island is an affluent neighborhood located in the heart of lagos island lagos state nigeria.

It is one of the most popular business districts in africa and it’s also the financial center of Lagos state.

Victoria island is an exclusive neighborhood with most company headquarters located here and it combines both upper class and a lot of upper middle class residents due to proximity to companies.

It’s a beautiful environment with a lot of beautiful places; restaurants, stores, malls and bars.

Victoria island was initially surrounded completely by water. It had the Atlantic ocean at the south, Five Cowrie Creek at the north and the Lagos Lagoon at its west and swamps at its east.

Victoria island is one of the earliest settlement areas of the Oniru royal family into eti osa local government lagos and was originally ruled by the oniru family of lagos until the end of 1948.

The Lagos executive development board found potential in the area for future development and acquired it for a total sum of £400,000 (four hundred thousand pounds).

Victoria Island was chosen alongside Ikoyi, to be used as an elite residential area. However an urban sprawl of over populating business activities from Lagos Island into Victoria Island; brought Victoria Island into becoming Nigeria’s biggest business district.

Due to the burgeoning nature of Victoria Island - the initially elite residential area began to experience an increase in business activities, increasing traffic and generally imposed pressure on infrastructure.

The live, work, play scene of Victoria Island was initially marked as an urban threat until developers discovered the concepts to merge the; residential, commercial and recreational activities of Victoria Island to adapt to its changing phase.

Here are some of the major neighborhood- commercial, residential and government infrastructure in Victoria Island:



The 1004 housing estates features a: fine blend of high-rise residential blocks office spaces and recreational areas all sitting on an 11 hectare parcel of land.

Eko Atlantic City

Eko Atlantic-oniru

Victoria Island plays host to the Eko Atlantic city; a 1000 hectare of reclaimed land - approved to represent a new gateway to africa with a mix of urban housing, commercial and recreational projects - some of which are the Eko Pearl tower, the azure tower,and the A and A tower, to mention but a few.

It is a city constructed on reclaimed land from the atlantic ocean.

Formerly called the bar beach in the 90s - it used to overflow its bank at different times in the year and flood the entire area.

Alot of people that stayed here abandoned their homes and property.

The Eko atlantic city is promised to be an epitome of the live work play concept.

Landmark Lagos

beachside-views-oniru-vi Another interesting mix in Victoria island is Landmark Lagos - a 38,000 square meter parcel of land hosting a commercial boulevard, a 2000 capacity event center, a three-star hotel and Lagos’ largest, in city beach - Landmark beach. Also, the Good Beach and Oniru Beach are in this axis.

With an area like Victoria Island - Lagos is definitely headed to becoming the urban city of the future come 2025.

Ozumba Mbadiwe

The most popular avenue/street in Victoria Island. It includes office complexes, hotels, night bars, jetties, fast-food and restaurants.


Adeola Odeku

Night Club - Quilox

Raddison Blu Anchorage







Standard Chartered


Bonny Cantonement ( Bonny Camp )

Civic Towers

Untitled design

Amadu Bello way

Nta (nigerian television authority)

The Ebony life place

Club dna

Eko hotel and suites

Le meridian

This place was established in 1977 it was called the eco holiday inn it has about eight restaurants and bars

Ajose adeogun street

This place is always so beautiful during the christmas holiday is always beautifully decorated coutesy of zenith bank The popular zenith bank roundabout where zenith bank hq is situated is here.

Vcp hotel

Unit trust house

Empire columbia

Zenith Bank HQ

Zenith bank is everywhere here in vi.


Chicken republic




Babatunde Ajose street.


Bishop Oluwole street

Periwinkle temporary site

Axa mansards Place


Bishop Abayo Deku

Oriental hotel

Chief Yesufu Abiodun Oniru Rd

Tek experts


Four points hotel by Sheraton

Access bank head office

People also ask

Does anyone live on Victoria Island?

Yes Victoria island is occupied by a number of occupants

Is Victoria Island same as Lagos Island?

Victoria Island is before Lagos Island

Is Victoria Island and Vancouver Island the same?

No Victoria island is located in Lagos Nigeria and Vancouver Island is located in Canada.

What is Victoria Island Lagos known for?

Victoria island is known for its commercial, residential and mixed used use.

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