Brick City Kubwa
Brick City Kubwa
Uche Emordi
Uche Emordi
September 30, 2022
2 min

Living in the federal capital territory of Nigeria just became more affordable and accessible! Introducing Bungalow city Abuja just beside Kubwa off Murtala Mohammed Expressway.

Your security is paramount so this estate is located behind a mobile police barrack coupled with in-house armed and unarmed security to compliment.

This megacity is set to be replete with new and ultra modern features like: Banks, filing stations, playgrounds, shopping malls, abattoir, green areas, well connected tarred roads, schools, religious centers and much more.

This city will contain everything you need in a city such that you never have to go farther out to get any of your needs. This 250 hectare city with a total of 5,280 units to be delivered in record time.

Phase 1 cluster 1 is almost complete. Phase 1 cluster 2 is in progress with over 800 units to be delivered.

The megacity cluster is also ongoing with over 1000 housing units to be delivered.

Worthy of note is the fact that this project is also a private-public partnership so most companies and federal parastatals are already commissioning hundreds of units for their members of staff.

So this is an investment opportunity for you as well to own valuable real estate in this megacity. You can earn rental income or flip your property in the secondary market.

Houses are available in finished or semi-finished from as little as 9million naira for the 1 bedroom and 17 million for the fully detached 3 bedrooms.

For the semi-finshed/carcass option, you can subscribe for as low as 7 million naira for the 1 bedroom and 15.5million naira for the 3 bedroom fully detached option.

There truly is nothing stopping you from investing in the next big thing as a mortgage option of up to 20 years is available.

Brains and Hammers City in life camp - somewhere behind zuma rock to the right is paradise city or paradise estate one so we’re gonna

This place looks beautiful starting from the gate at the entrance. It has a phase 1 and a phase 2; a total of 1,800 units comprising; one bedroom flats, two bedroom flats, three bedroom flats, four bedroom terraces and four bedroom semi detached. The two bedroom flats are the more popular units because they have more rental value and people ask for them more. Family people go for the terraces though.

Electricity is in the ground - you won’t see wires flying around as fiber optic cables are used underground for safety and sustainability reasons.

Uche Emordi

Uche Emordi

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