GRA: Government Residential Areas in Nigeria - Explained
GRA: Government Residential Areas in Nigeria - Explained
Uche Emordi
Uche Emordi
September 03, 2022
1 min

GRA: Government Residential Area: Explained

In Nigeria, GRA means Government Reserved Areas - can be interpreted to be a euphemism for affluence and a better standard of living.

These exclusive residential areas were originally created to cater to white colonial administrators.

However, after independence, Nigerians began to occupy administrative senior posts that hitherto used to be the exclusive preserve of the white overlords, including their highbrow and secluded GRA residence.

GRAs now are usually a well serviced area with good road network, serviced estates, properly maintained that sometimes has the state’s government house here and undoubtedly politicians, celebrities and other influential people in the country.

Lagos has a couple of GRAs in the mainland; Ikeja GRA, Ogudu GRA and the only GRA on the Lekki Pennisula corridor - Abijo GRA

Investing in a GRA is a good Real estate investment considering that whatever strategy you adopt - rentals, development or flipping; it yields massive returns as these areas are exclusive - so prices are always premium and in demand!

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